Kathys Dog Training: What is a Certified Trainer?

What is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer?

In 1993, Ian Dunbar DVM, PhD, created an organization to promote dog friendly training techniques. The organization is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has over 6000 members worldwide. Dr Dunbar wanted to create better trainers through education and networking. The certification of pet dog trainers followed this. To become certified a trainer must have a minimum of 300 hours training experience. They must also submit a reference from a veterinarian, a colleague and a client. In addition to this, the trainer must pass a 250 question exam created by prominent trainers. Certified trainers must renew every three years, submitting current continuing education units from approved seminars and lectures. There are over 1400 certified pet dog trainers and the number continues to grow as the public demands more professionalism. For more information check out www.apdt.com.