Kathys Dog Training: Stop the 77! Dog Safety Program

Are your kids and Dog Safe?

It’s hard to believe that 77% of dog bites come from a family or friend’s dog. That means that these aren’t crazy, stray, vicious dogs - they are OUR pet dogs!

While this is a really sad statistic, it does mean that WE can do something to CHANGE IT.

Contrary to popular belief, bites RARELY happen out of the blue — and your kids’ actions can play a HUGE role in how safe they are around the dogs they love and live with. All too often, miscommunication is at the root of the issue. We expect dogs to read our likes and dislikes — but often have no idea how to read theirs.

Kathy's Dog Training is a proud partner, presenter, and educator of the 'Stop the 77' interactive program for preschool to elementary age children. Talk to us about presenting the program at your school or day care.

There is plenty to learn, even for adults at the 'Stop the 77!' website. Check out the fun videos and a ton of dog safety information for you and your family.